Whether you are currently employed or looking for work, ABE qualifications allow you to get ahead of the competition. In an increasingly competitive job market, it is essential that you give yourself every chance to succeed.

At ABE we believe we can help you do this.

Career Development

Studying with ABE gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge of business and management topics and grow your key competencies - so you gain the skills to tackle work projects and situations more effectively. This in turn gives you the potential to earn promotion within your organization or a platform from which to progress onto a Bachelors, Masters or MBA degree course around the world.

Go to university

More than 80 universities worldwide accept ABE qualifications for entry at different stages. ABE Level 4 Diplomas are accepted for entry onto the first year of a related UK Bachelors degree (and the equivalent stages for degrees in other countries). An ABE Level 5 Diploma enables you to start your degree in the second year, a Level 6 Diploma in the final year and the Level 7 Diploma is accepted towards MBA or Masters degree level courses. It is usually much quicker and cheaper to take an ABE qualification and then go to university in the second or third year, rather than taking a three or four year university course.

Some of the progression agreements, which ABE holds with universities, also allow you to study in your own country – giving you the chance to progress from ABE to a degree without leaving home.

Study worldwide

ABE accredits colleges around the world to offer ABE programs. There are hundreds of ABE colleges worldwide, which between them offer a range of flexible study options, so it is very likely you will find a college nearby in your home country or in a country where you would like to study.


ABE has an international network of over 50,000 students currently studying for an ABE qualification, all of whom have access to a comprehensive support and information network, both online and via printed materials. ABE students interact through online forums such as Facebook and Twitter as well as face-to-face at events such as alumni meetings and graduation ceremonies.

All ABE students receive our quarterly magazine, Student Focus, which is designed to keep you up to date with important ABE news and developments. The magazine also contains essential study tips to help you succeed in particular ABE units as well as many other useful features.


ABE qualifications are very flexible and the optional units enable you to specialise in the areas that particularly interest you. Units can be studied in any order. Several units are common to more than one programme so you can switch between qualifications or easily move on to take a second qualification at the same level.


You don’t need a formal qualification to start your studies with ABE if you start with the Level 4 Diploma. However, if you have a higher qualification you can take the next appropriate level of ABE qualification to develop your business knowledge. In practice, most ABE students simply work their way up through the levels until they reach the level they need for the job they want or to go on to university.